Online Course Grants

2015/2016 Proposal Timeline:
Proposal deadline: TBA
Awards announced: TBA

Request For Proposals:

Development Grants for New RiceX or Rice Coursera Online Courses

The Office of Strategic Initiatives and Digital Education solicits proposals for the development of new online courseware that utilizes either Coursera or edX platforms and that reaches larger communities of learners as well as Rice matriculated students. Proposals need not be equivalent to a semester-long course, but can focus on a subject mastered in 4-6 weeks of work. Proposals can be for a single course or for a coherent sequence of courses.

Highest preference will be given to courses/sequences that 1) serve a broader community of MOOC learners 2) serve our on-campus students or lead to significant innovation in existing teaching practices; and 3) have content modules that have the potential to be reused across Rice MOOCs or on campus.

If you would like to develop digital assets that will not result in a MOOC, please consider submitting a proposal to the the Teaching Innovation Fund.

Award Information:
Each successful application carries a salary supplement of up to $20,000 (half to be paid upon completion of project content or mid-point of project and half to be paid upon completion of online instance). For selected proposals, support costs will be provided centrally based on your budget. Please include a timeline for course/project development (please specify when you plan on teaching the on-campus and the on-line instances). Individual faculty or faculty teams may apply.

Proposal Guidelines:
A complete application must include the following:

1) Proposal:
Please submit a brief proposal of no more than three pages that describes the course/sequence/project you would like to develop and how it will promote new learning opportunities for Rice students and for students more generally.

Be sure to address the following:
-What are the goals of this project and how will it enhance teaching and learning at Rice and/or in your department? Are there high-demand department courses that might benefit from these assets?
-Who do you foresee as the off-campus audience for this course?
-Who will contribute to this project and what are their roles?
-What are your plans for assessing student performance and how do you plan to assess your course once finished?
-What is your production schedule, including on-campus and on-line course launches?
-What costs do you anticipate (in addition to anticipated IT, TA, copyright, and video support that Rice and the
platform provider will offer)?

2) Department/Program Letter of Support:
In addition to the brief proposal, each submission must include a signed letter of support from the appropriate department chair attesting that the proposed project is a desirable addition to that department or program’s curriculum.

Review Process:
Proposals will be reviewed by the President’s Office and the Rice Digital Education Advisory Committee, which will also provide early feedback on content development. Projects will be assessed on the following criteria:

1) Course impact on on-campus and on-line education 2) Likelihood of successful and timely implementation 3) Quality and originality of proposal
Please direct all queries to: Vice President Caroline Levander at MS 2 X4228